Finance: Access to Budgets & Finance

Budgets Linked to an Organization

Budgets can be directly linked to organizations or events. Access has to be granted to users in order to manage or edit financials in this way. 


In order to provide Finance access, click the People Tab on the right navigation menu. On the People page, search for the user to whom you wish to grant access. From there, click the three dots to the right of the person’s name. Then select “Add as a User” or “Edit” depending on whether the person has been granted user access previously. 


On the Edit User Page you can select or adjust a role that this person will have in the system. By granting the Manage Finance or Edit Finance right, you will be giving them access to Finance for that specific role. For example, if someone is an Organization Administrator, then adding the Finance right will give them access to the Finance tools for that specific organization. 


Adding finance access to a role grants access to organizations under that roles purview.

The two options you can grant a user are “Manage Finance” and “Edit Finance.” 


Manage Finance: 

Manage Finance will allow users to view their budget, manage sub-budgets, and submit requests against their budgets.


Edit Finance: 

Edit Finance will allow users to edit their budget, manage sub-budgets, and submit requests against their budgets.


Best Practices: We recommend granting student users “Manage Finance” as this will allow them to submit requests against their budget but they cannot make any changes to the budget itself. 


Access to Specific Budget Not Linked to An Organization

Users can be given access to a budget outside of their access role (i.e. outside of the role assigned to them on the People page.) Content Access allows institutions to grant access to budgets that are not linked to an organizational or event role for a user. This access is “view only” and is primarily for people that do not need to “do” but just need to “see”. 


To grant access to a budget via Content Access, go to Forms in the main navigation menu, then click the Create Budget form. From there, find the Budget that you want to grant access to and click on it. This will load the Budget form submission. When it launches click on “Access” in the top right hand corner.


Access button located next to the Edit button on a create budget response.

When clicked, it will open the Access Panel: 


Access panel

Here you can select the user who needs access and the level of access you want them to have. (For more information on the different types of access available, check out our guide!)


Choose who will receive access and what type of access.

Once you have selected all of the options, make sure to press the “add right” button. The newly granted access will appear under the corresponding header in the access pane. For example, if you granted View access, that user will appear under the section header labeled "View":


Finally, click the Save Access button in the upper right corner of the access pane to save your changes


Click the Add Right button to add access for a user, then save your changes.

Best Practices: Content Access granting is best used for people that only need to “view” a budget or for a budget not linked to an organization or event. For linked budgets, “view” access can only be handled this way. 


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