Update to Form Response Approvals via Email and FAQ's

All form response approval notifications will have a new look. We’ve simplified this message to make it easy for approvers to quickly find the required action.


New Form Response Approval Email



Approvers will now click a button labeled “Review Response & Take Action” to approve or deny a form response. This button will bring them to a page within Involve where they can choose their intended action or, if they have access, view the submission within the admin interface.



Form Response Take Action page



Frequently Asked Questions


Is any action required to enable the new email format?

No, no additional action is required. This email will be enabled automatically when it is launched by Involve.


Will email links received prior to the launch of the new email format still work to approve form responses?

Yes! All emails received prior to this change will continue to function as they did previously.


Will the new email format resolve issues my campus experienced with automatic or “phantom” approvals?

Yes! Automatic approvals were caused for some campuses by email security software. The new email format now requires the user to select an option on a page in their browser, which will not be clicked on by this type of software.


Does my campus IT need to make any changes to our security or spam filter settings?

No, the sender and other details of the email remain the same and should not require any changes.


Can I customize the content or look of the new email format?

Custom text can be added to each approval stage on a form and will be included in the middle section of the email. The overall design of the email is standard and cannot be changed at this time.


Will other Involve notifications emails be updated to look the same?

Other Involve notification emails will not be changing yet.



If you have additional questions, please reach out to support.

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