Creating Tags

Tags are a great way to assign attributes to events created in Involve! Tags can describe the attributes of an event such as "Food", "Music", or "Prizes". They can also be based on overarching events such as a "Week of Welcome" or "Homecoming". Using tags is a great way to help with analyzing data from events in order to gain perspective on what event attributes may be most intriguing or popular among students.


Note: Only Campus Administrators can create new tags! If you are not a Campus Administrator, please reach out to your Campus Admin for assistance. 


1. From any screen, hover over the left navigation menu and click on Events. 


2. Next, click on the "Tags" tab at the top of the page:  


3. Click on the "Create" button located in the far right corner:


4. Now it's time to create your new Tag! After you click on the Create button, a pop up window will appear. Enter your Tag exactly how you want it to appear. Click "Create" and a new Tag is born!


If the Tag you want to create already exists, a message will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen:


5. Your Tag can now be attached to any event! Simply select the new Tag from the list of options when creating or editing an Event:

Looking for some examples? Check out this document here!
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