Creating a Poll

A poll can be used to quickly collect data from students as they attend events! Learn more about polls here. Polls provide a set of responses for attendees to choose from. If you need to get additional feedback, provide space for attendees to type in custom responses, or if you need to be able to email out a link, we recommend using a form instead.



To begin, hover over the left navigation menu and click the "Create" button. A pop up menu will appear. Click on Poll to create a new poll! (Please note, the options that appear in the pop up menu will depend on your access. If you do not see Poll as an option, please contact your Campus Administrator.)


Alternatively, you can click on Events from the left navigation menu, then click on the polls tab. Click the + icon in the upper right corner to create a new poll.


Results for all polls you have access to are also found here on the Polls tab!


Create a new form on the polls tab of the event page.

Next, fill in the question that you want to ask. Polls must be between 4-255 characters! Remember, these questions are meant to be answered quickly as students check in to events!


Example GIF of poll creation

Select the type of answers you want folks to choose from! There are three types of answers you can provide. With Single and Multi Select, you can provide 1-5 choices for folks to choose from!

  • Single Select: Only one response can be selected

  • Multi Select: Multiple responses can be selected

  • Yes/No: The only available responses will be Yes or No

Finally, choose where you want the poll to appear.


Visibility options for a poll
  • Hidden: Poll question will not be asked, but results are still available.

  • Campus Wide: Poll question will be asked at all campus events until the poll is hidden (only Campus Administrators can create this kind of poll).

  • Event: Poll question will only be asked at a specific event.

  • Category: Poll question will be asked at all events hosted by organizations in a specific category until the poll is hidden.

  • Organization: Poll question will be asked at all events hosted by a specific organization until the poll is hidden.

Note: Remember that each student will only be asked the same poll question once! Even if they attend multiple events, the attendee will only be prompted to respond one time, so there's no worry of getting multiple answers from the same attendee!


When your all done, click the Publish button in the upper right corner to create your Poll! The poll will be live and appear during check-in at the designated events!


Polls will appear on the computer or mobile device used during check in. After swiping in an attendee (or manually entering their email or ID number), the poll question will appear. You can then give the device to the attendee and they can select an answer to the poll question.



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