Enable the Microsoft Teams Attendee Tracking Integration

The Involve/Microsoft Teams attendee tracking integration allows you to automatically add attendees to an event in Involve that have attended a virtual Microsoft Teams event.


Getting Started

  1. Find out who the Microsoft Teams/Office administrator on your campus is - you'll need their administrative powers to enable this integration

  2. Confirm with your Microsoft Teams administrator that your Office account includes Calendar. This is necessary for Involve to be able to import attendees when scheduled Teams meetings end

  3. Create a Involve account for your Microsoft Teams administrator. They'll only need access to Involve for the initial setup of the integration. We suggest giving them a Campus View account

  4. We'll provide a link that your Microsoft Teams/Office administrator will need to add your campus Azure Active Directory Tenant ID to. They can locate that ID following the directions in this article.

Enabling the Integration

  1. Request an Integration Link from our team via our support team. We'll provide a custom link for your campus. Note: We can only provide the integration link to your campus Main Contact (or someone they have authorized us to provide the link to)

  2. Share this link with your Microsoft Teams administrator. They will use the link to connect your campus Teams instance with Involve. Remember, this link won't work until your Teams Administrator adds your campus Azure AD Tenant ID to it in the indicated location.

Now you can start hosting virtual events and tracking attendees! 🎉


Not Sure Who Your Microsoft Teams Administrator Is?

If you aren't sure who the Teams administrator on your campus is, we recommend you reach out to your campus IT/Help Desk and they can point you in the right direction.







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