How do I generate an HAR file for troubleshooting?

When you experience a complex issue, our Support Team may ask for additional information about the network requests that occur within your browser when the issue occurs. This will come in the form of a HAR file, which shows a log of network requests while the issue is occurring.


Instructions for generating a HAR file in Google Chrome

 1. Open Chrome and go to the page the issue occurs on
 2. Go to the Chrome menu bar and select View --> Developer --> Developer Tools
 3. Within the panel that opens, select the Network tab
 4. Ensure the Record button, found in the upper left corner, is Red 


 5 . Click the Clear button (to the right of the red record button) to clear any existing data in the network tab
 6. Refresh the page that the issue occurred on or reproduce the issue
 7. Once you have refreshed or reproduced the issue, right click in the list of network requests in the Develop Tools panel and select Save All as HAR with Content, then save the file to your computer


 8. Send the HAR file to the Support Team

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