What are Experiences

The Experiences feature is a great way to highlight outside-of-the-classroom opportunities. It is extremely customizable and can encompass a wide variety of programs. Everything from Awards, Internships to Orientations can be built as an Experience.


Making your campus programs an Experience on Involve makes them more accessible to students and also allows you to clearly outline the requirements for completion. This empowers your students to seek out Experiences for themselves and take charge of their college journey!


Experience Types

Experiences are set up under the larger banner of Experience Types. This allows you to categorize them so they are easier to find and manage, both on the student side and the admin side. This is particularly helpful when you are creating a large-scale program as an experience, such as Orientation or Leadership Certifications.


Similar to how you can assign categories to organizations, you will assign an Experience Type to your Experience to help sort it. You can create as many or as few Experience Types as you need to encompass all of the opportunities available to your students.


A great example of an Experience Type is “Orientation.” There are many different programs and requirements for a successful student orientation. These programs could be set up as the Experiences under the Orientation Experience type, and the requirements would then be the pathway that allows students to earn the Experience.



Experiences are the individual programs within the Experience Type. You could have an Experience Type that contains only one Experience, or in the case of our Orientation example, it could contain many Experiences that all connect to each other.


Under the Experience Type Orientation, for example, you may have a wide variety of individual Experiences such as Alcohol Awareness, Week of Welcome, or Required Learning. These individual Experiences will all have specific requirements to complete them and earn the Experience.


Once students earn an experience by completing the rules laid out in the pathway, it will appear on their SmartTranscript automatically. If no pathway is set up, students can still apply to earn that Experience through the Apply for Opportunity form. Experiences may also be manually granted by administrators with the proper access.


Finding Experiences on the Student Portal

Experiences allow you to engage with students in a new and meaningful way by encouraging them to take control of their own learning. It’s easy for students to find and complete Experiences by going to the Experiences tab under opportunities.

From there, students can explore the various Experience Types available to them. Once they select an Experience Type, they will then be able to view all the individual Experiences housed within that Type, and go from there! Clicking on the Experiences themselves will show them more information about the Experience, as well as what is required to complete them!


The requirements for the Experience will appear under the “Earn” section on the page. If they would like to learn more or view events, forms, or other opportunities that would fulfill that Experience requirement, they can click the button to the right of the requirement!


If you would like to learn more about our Co-Curricular Opportunities, check out our Overview of Co-Curricular Opportunities! Once you're ready to set up Experiences on your campus, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started!

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