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We're not sure about what to name our Campus Web Portal. Can you give us some suggestions?

Our team loves to brainstorm potential names and offer up ideas based on our experiences with other campuses! Just let your Customer Success Manager know you'd like some suggestions and they'll get the team brainstorming!

Are we allowed to update our branding over time?

Anyone who is a Campus Administrator will be able to update the student portal's logo, cover photo, and colors at any time from the administrative dashboard.

Why should the cover image on the web portal contain no text?

Cover photos in Involve are considered decorative images. A decorative image in web development language it is an image that adds visual appeal to the site without adding any additional important information. This means that there is no alt text for the cover images so folks who use screen readers for accessibility purposes will not have any context for this image.

For cover images in Involve, can we upload GIFs?


What will you use our Twitter/Facebook accounts for?

We use the Twitter and Facebook accounts that you provide to put feeds of those accounts onto the Campus-branded Web Portal. Providing them is completely optional.

You ask for Facebook and Twitter accounts, but not Instagram. Are we able to have our Instagram feed published on the site?

Instagram feeds function differently than Facebook and Twitter, and cannot show up the same way the other sites do in Involve. However, you can still highlight your Instagram page(s) on the site by hyperlinking them in different areas. Your CSM will be happy to strategize with you on the best ways to market your Instagram page(s).

Who should I contact for support?

Check out our contact support page for the best way to get platform support.
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