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What is SSO?

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows students, faculty, and staff to login to Involve using the same interface used for other systems at your institution. We can configure SSO logins for SAML, CAS, or Google Authenticate. By enabling your SSO for Involve, it will allow them to use their campus email address (SAML) or username (CAS) and password, instead of creating a new account. This consistency will help create greater buy-in because it will be one less account for people to remember.

Who can login to Involve with SSO?

Members of your campus community can login to Involve either through the Student Portal or the Administrative Dashboard. Every person contained within the Data File can login to the Student Portal to respond to forms, join organizations, access information about campus events, and view their profile. Some people will be given a level of Administrator access to build and manage processes, organizations, and events for the campus community. Administrator access typically goes to Student Life staff and student leaders, but others can be granted some level of access as well.
Login is available through the Student Profile by going to your campus’ site, and selecting the profile icon in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. Those with any level of Administrator access can go to [[subdomain]], and login directly to the Administrative Dashboard.

What is the SSO Configuration Process?

  1. You’ll configure Involve as a service provider within your IdP
  2. We’ll set up your campus as an IdP within Involve
  3. We’ll use the credentials you provide for testing and confirm it all works
  4. We’ll have a real-life user from your campus confirm they can log in and we’ll make sure we’re looking at the correct claim

Can I link to Involve directly from our campus portal via SSO? 

At this time, Involve does not support Idp-Initiated login. You can provide a link to your Involve portal and users will simply click “login” to gain access, no additional credentials required.

Do you provide a test environment for single sign on?

No. We are unable to provide a test environment for SSO configuration

Does Involve provision users automatically via SSO?

No, all users are provisioned via the data upload and within Involve.

Our users' email addresses often change due to name changes or other reasons, can we use their immutable ID number for SSO instead?

No, we require email addresses for SSO. The email address can easily be updated during your data upload.

Can we change our SSO over time?

Yes! If you ever hear that your campus will be changing the service they use for single sign-on, please let your Customer Success Manager know as soon as possible. They will coordinate with the development team to ensure that we get the updated information we need and make the change. With that process, we will want to make sure we have test accounts that we can use so we do not have an interruption with access.

Are you able to do a live SSO configuration working session?

We are unable to schedule live SSO configuration working sessions. Our team sets up configurations outside of business hours, for a smooth configuration process. Your Customer Success Manager will communicate updates and ask for additional information, if needed, for a successful configuration.

Does your application support SCIM user auto provisioning?

We do not support SCIM user auto provisioning. All user management for administrative access to Involve is done within the application itself.

How long does SSO configuration take?

We will begin your SSO configuration upon receiving all SSO assets. From that point, SSO configuration can take up to 30 days.
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