Nudges - Engage with Texting

Nudges empowers you to reach out to students who haven't attended events or joined organizations, helping you re-engage them.


What is Nudges?

Nudges is a valuable add-on feature designed to boost student engagement through targeted texting campaigns. Your Nudges subscription includes four outreach campaigns per year. Each campaign consists of 3-5 messages crafted by experienced texting experts to maximize engagement and results. Nudges seamlessly integrates with Modern Campus's messaging platform, allowing you to leverage your data for maximum impact.


How Do Nudges Work?

  1. Get a Nudges Package: Begin by adding Nudges with your account manager.

  2. Provide Student Phone Numbers: Ensure that students have agreed to receive messages before providing their phone numbers.

  3. Define Message Details: Provide specific details and criteria for messages, including your portal link and events to promote.

  4. Initiate Texting Campaign: Our team will initiate the texting campaign, targeting inactive students and nudging them toward campus events.

  5. Message Quantity: Here's the breakdown

    1. The Nudges add-on includes four Nudge campaigns.

    2. Each campaign typically consists of 3-5 messages.

    3. These campaigns can be divided as two for the fall semester and two for the spring semester.

    4. The four campaigns typically encompass one Events Campaign and one Organization Membership Campaign, each run twice per year, ideally within the first six weeks of the semester.



Ready to get started with Nudges? You can click "Get Nudges" above or reach out to your Account Manager for more information.


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