Student's Guide To The Admin Dashboard

If you have administrative access, you will be able to view the Administrative Dashboard. Let's start by learning how to log in and how to navigate to the admin side of Involve.



Now that you're logged in, let's take a quick tour of the Admin Dashboard to learn what you can create! Keep in mind that the options that appear on your Admin Dashboard will depend on what you have access to. If there are tasks or organizations you feel you should have access to, be sure to follow up with your Campus Administrator to ensure you have the access you need!



Forms are a vital part of Involve! We have lots of support articles to help guide you through everything from building a form to managing the responses you receive to a form you created! Check out the entire catalog of Forms related support articles for more details!



As an administrator, you might need some help from time to time! Here's all the ways you can connect with us! We're always happy to help!


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