Allocating Points

With the addition of Points to our system, institutions now have a completely customizable way to create and grant points. Institutions can also customize how students redeem their points whether it's concert tickets, shuttle rides, athletic tickets, the possibilities are endless!


Granting Points to Students

1) Hover over "Engage" and select "Points"


2) Select the Points you are wanting to grant to students


3) Click on the "Earned" tab, and select "Grant"


4) Insert the point amount and the student's email address or ID number whom you are granting the points to and click "Grant" when you're done.


Enrolling students in Points


1) Hover over Engage and click on "Points"


2) Click into the point you are wanting to enroll students in


3) Click on Enroll **Please note, if you do not see an "Enroll" option you most likely need to enable enrollment for the Point. You can do this by clicking on "Enable Enrollment"


4) Enter the email or student numbers of the users you are wanting to enroll within the point


5) Once everyone is added, click "Enroll"

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