Redeeming Points

Administrator's Guide To Redeeming Points On A Person's Account


The time has come to cash in those hard earned points! Your students have been involved, they've attended campus events, and they have earned those awesome Points you created for your campus! Now, it's time to redeem those Points for cool rewards like merch, tickets, fun items and more! The possibilities are endless!


In order to redeem points, you need to have administrative access to the Points tool. If you do not see the options detailed below, please contact your Campus Administrator!


First, let's navigate to the Points page. From the left navigation menu, click on Points. (Please note, the options shown in your navigation menu will depend on both your access and the products being utilized by your campus.)


Left navigation menu options

Next, choose the type of Point you want to redeem. The name and number of Point types available is unique to your campus, so the options you see may be different from the screenshot below:


For this example, let's choose Involvement Points! Click on the name of your Point selection to view the details about that type of Point. On this details page, there is an "Earned" tab. The Earned tab displays a list of people who have earned this type of Points as well as their current Point balance, so you'll have that information handy for the redemption process! Click the Earned tab to reveal the button to "Redeem".


The details page of a point type. The earned tab reveals the redeem button.

A pop up window will appear allowing you to enter the details about the redemption.


Redemption Use - List the name of the item or reward the person is receiving.

Points Amount - How many Points are you redeeming for this reward?

Add By Email or Student Number - Here you will place the email or student ID number of the person whose Points you're redeeming. You can list a single person or multiple people in this field!


Redeem points from students page

Review the details of your redemption to make sure they are correct! When you're ready, click the Redeem button to process the redemption request. A banner will appear at the bottom of the window confirming the redemption was successful!


Confirmation banner shows when redemption is successful.

That's it! The redeemed Points are deducted from the student's Point balance and a record of the redemption will appear on their Student Profile timeline.


Timeline entries showing points earned and redeemed.


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