Granting & Removing Admin Access

Do you need to give admin access to a member of your organization? Need to remove admin access from a user? Here's how!


Before starting the process below, please note that you will need to have the "Create User" permission on your account in order to add/change the admin access for another person. If you do not see the options outlined below, please contact your Campus Administrator for assistance.



Adding or Editing Admin Access

Using the left navigation menu, click on People, then search for the name of the person you would like to give admin access to. If the person you are searching for does not appear, you may not have access to see that person's profile.

At the end of the row, click on the three stacked dots and select "Add As A User". If the person you are editing already has some level of admin access, you'll select the "Edit" option instead.

View of the people page with options to view their profile or add them as a user

Alternatively, if the person you are working with is already an admin for an organization, you can click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of a user's profile page:


Pencil icon on a user's profile allows you to edit access

​On the next screen, you can add or change the user's access. Please note, you will only be able to give access up to the level of access you have and you are not able to edit your own access. Not sure what role to give someone? Check out our resource on User Roles and Access for detailed information on the available choices!

Access selection menu

Once you have completed the changes you wish to make, scroll to the top and click the "Save" button. The user will need to log out of the system, then log back in for the access changes to take effect!


Removing Access

To remove access, follow the steps above to navigate to the user's profile page. To remove specific additional rights, simply uncheck the box next to that right and save your changes.


To remove a role and all the rights within it, click the remove button next to that role. The access will be removed from the profile. Don't forget to save your changes in order for them to take effect!


The remove button will remove an access role from a user's profile.


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