Zoom Meeting Attendees Not Imported to Involve

No Attendees Imported

If no attendees were imported to your Involve event, there are a few steps to take

  1. Confirm that your Zoom Administrator has enabled the integration. You can tell this by seeing if a Zoom link shows "Join on Zoom" on the event

  2. Confirm that the Zoom link is correct and matches the meeting you hosted

  3. Attendees are only imported once the Zoom meeting has been ended by the host

Some Attendees Were Not Imported

Sometimes, attendees are not imported from your Zoom Event. Here are some steps to take to find out why!


Download Your Zoom Attendee List

First, we need to confirm the Zoom attendees list. Follow these steps to find that list

  1. Go to your Zoom reports tab by going to https://zoom.us/account/report. You can also access this by logging into your Zoom account on the web, clicking on My Account, then selecting Reports on the left menu

  2. Select Usage Reports

3. Set the date range to include the date of the meeting you are looking at

4. A list of meetings in that date range will be displayed. Click on the number in the Participants column to display participants


5. The box that displays will show all of the attendees of the meeting and the email they logged in with. Select the Show unique users checkbox to simplify the list

Compare Your Zoom Attendee List to the Involve Event Attendee List

  1. Match the attendees and their emails to those who were checked into the event.

  2. If any attendees are missing from the event in Involve, confirm that the email listed in Zoom matches what is in the People list in Presence.

  3. If anyone appears in the Zoom attendee list that does not appear in the Involve event attendees and their email address matches what's on the People page in Involve, please reach out to Support and we'll assist!


Have attendees in Zoom with missing email addresses? Make sure that you've required authentication for your meeting. See more info in our Zoom/Involve Integration best practices!

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