Implementation Assets & Deliverables Checklist

Assets & Deliverables Checklist

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To get you started on your implementation and implementation to Involve, we'll need the following deliverables from your team. Each link below provides details about what’s needed as well as tips and tricks.

  1. Provide Branding Materials to customize the web portal
  2. Send sample Student ID Cards to integrate with our card reading technology
  3. Data Integration for student data and advanced analytics
  4. Send information for Single Sign-On
  5. Set up optional Integrations with room reservation systems, Zoom, Teams, & more

We’ve developed this implementation process through our experience working with hundreds of institutions, and thousands of students and professionals all over the country. As you work through implementation, you can expect that we will communicate regularly on our progress and answer any questions that you might have.


How To Provide Assets & Deliverables

Each asset and deliverable is listed below along with how to provide the information to your Implementation Coordinator.

Branding Materials

Please provide the following information to your Implementation Coordinator to help us personalize your web portal. We recommend packaging your files into a single .zip folder.

  • Branded Web Portal
  • Your Institution Branding Guide
  • Text Document with the Following Information
Information Description
Color 1 (RBG & Hex) Main Color
Color 2 (RBG & Hex) Secondary Color
Color 3 (RBG & Hex) Tertiary Color
Student Portal Name E.g. “University of Atlantis Student Life” or “Campus Life”


Data Integration

Once your Data File is complete, let your Implementation Coordinator know, and you’ll be provided with a secure account to Citrix ShareFile to upload your data file to Involve. This username and password works for both of the following upload methods. We can create new accounts for additional people as needed.

Your username and password will come from “Involve File Support” and will be sent by Please check your spam folder if you do not receive our invitation!

Once you have your username and password, you can find more information on how to upload your data file here: Data Upload.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Depending on the type of SSO your campus uses, there may be different deliverables we will need. Click on the links below for the type of SSO you use to see what deliverables are requested.

Once you have the deliverables (if needed), please email them to your Implementation Coordinator. If your SSO does not have deliverables, please email your Implementation Coordinator to confirm the type of SSO you would like us to setup.



For a full list of our Integrations, please visit Integrations. If you are interested in enabling an integration, contact your Implementation Coordinator with the deliverables that are requested on the integration's page.

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