Implementation Schedule

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Implementation Schedule

The implementation schedule relies heavily on receiving assets and deliverables from your institution in a timely manner - the quicker we receive them, the quicker we can get you up and running with Involve!

Below, you’ll find a sample schedule, but this can vary widely based on a number of different factors, including time of year, how long it takes to receive materials, and others.

Event Estimated Timeline Responsible Party
Provide Implementation Assets & Deliverables Checklist to Involve 1-2 Months Partner (IT, Marketing, & Card Services)
Check & Validate branding, SSO, ID cards, & data. Obtain necessary changes. 2-4 Weeks Involve
Integrate branding, SSO, ID cards, & data 1 Month Involve
Initial Administrator Training & Setup 2-4 Weeks Main Users & Involve
Additional Trainings 2 Weeks Main Users & Involve
Follow-Up & On-going Training/Support Monthly or more frequently as needed Main Users & Involve
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