'Presence' is becoming 'Involve'

As part of our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, we are thrilled to announce a strategic decision to establish a cohesive identity across the entire Modern Campus suite of offerings. This initiative reflects our dedication to providing you with cutting-edge solutions that evolve with digital needs in higher education.

Our products are undergoing a nomenclature transformation to better align with our vision for the future and to enhance clarity and coherence across our portfolio. While the core functionalities and features remain steadfast, we believe that the new names more accurately convey the value and capabilities that our products bring to your organization.

This initiative signifies our continued commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and staying ahead of industry trends. The new names are designed to be more intuitive and reflective of the powerful solutions that enable your business operations.


Our student engagement platform is becoming 'Involve' (formerly 'Presence').

How does this impact me?

Rest assured, these changes will not affect how you use your Modern Campus products or how you access the support you need—there is no action required on your part. Customers can continue to find support material and resources at the same locations and addresses as before and previous communication channels will continue to work. Support team members are aware of and able to provide support using new or legacy product names to ensure user comfort.

The initial focus of these updates are branding in nature. You will see the new product name being used within the product itself, in our marketing material and communication and in our support and product documentation. These changes will occur over time to minimize disruption to customers and users. These current planned updates will not include changes to production URLs, etc. When those updates and transitions are planned, we will provide further communications and expectations as those plans become concrete.

To align with the new product names the Support Resource Portal web address and Support email address changed to involve-support.moderncampus.com and involve-support@moderncampus.com. This change will not affect the address by which you access Modern Campus products or any other functional addresses that may include legacy product branding. This change is to the addresses used to access and contact our support team only at this time. For more information see New Support Contact Email and Web Addresses article.

If you do have any questions or would like to learn more about the changes underway, our account management and support teams are readily available to assist you.

We genuinely appreciate your partnership and the trust you have placed in Modern Campus. Our growth, new identity and commitment to customer experience is a testament to our dedication to providing you exceptional value from our solutions.

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