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So it looks as if most people can not access these tools on campus. I am assuming there is some vetting before things are posted. Much of the training is not applicable to most folks then? or no? So for example, can departments post events, forms, etc?

You are correct in that you must have some level of admin access to be able to create forms, events, etc. Anyone who has Organization Admin access is able to create events and forms for their specific organization. For example, if I am Chess Club president, I am able to create events hosted by the Chess Club. Your institution usually has approval workflows set up that require someone on campus to approve things like Organizations and Events before they are posted to the full campus.

If yearbook student org wanted to have a cover-art contest, we could use a Form/survey?

Collect votes: Yes you could! You could create a form where you put in all the cover options and then have a Choice field where students choose the one they like best.

Collect submissions: You would just create a form with an "Image Upload" field where they can upload a picture of their submission. You can then download all those images.

If I wanted to add photos to my org’s photo gallery how would I do that?

When you log in to the admin dashboard, you are able to edit your Organization's page and update the cover image from there. You can also put in more photos into your "About" section on the organization page. Images just need to be hosted on a site like Google Photos or You can also link to your Organization's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Is it possible to have primary categories and then with conditional logic allow optional ones?

Unfortunately not. All categories are visible to anyone creating or editing the organization. You can always put additional instructions such as "All student organizations must choose the Student Organization category," or something like that if there are certain categories you want to ensure students are using.

Are these public events that we create only accessable to our affiliated persons or the local community as well?

Public events will be shown on the public portal, so anyone can see them. However, when it comes to checking people into events, only affiliated people are able to check in by default. You can enable guest check in so you can have community members check in as well.

Your campus's Account Manager will be able to help you with getting guest check in turned on and using it! It is a setting that must be turned on for you campus before you can start using it.

Can students get to the Involve help videos?

Yes! Students who have admin access to your site have the ability to access articles and utilize chat support.

Polls are voting without gathering other info, as on a survey/Form?

Correct! They are quick one-question surveys that are filled out at event check in. If you are wanting to gather more in depth information outside of an event, you will want to use a form.

Does our campus have the mobile app?

Yes! Just download the Modern Campus Involve Mobile App from the app store!

Is there way to focus/limit event widget on the form in example you shared?

Here's a great support article that covers the Event Widget!

As a new user do I sign in with my campus credentials or do I create a new account.

You will sign in via your campus credentials! You will just need to navigate to your campus's Involve site and hit "Log In." It will then redirect you to your SSO page.

When uploading a picture for event can I make it smaller or "fit to page"?

The Cover Image box is set to a specific size so you are unable to resize it.

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