Form Builder: Events Widget

Involve forms can be used to gather feedback about events that have taken place. You can also create pre-registration and RSVP forms for events as well! The Event Widget makes selecting events easier on those types of forms!



Let's take a look at the different settings that are available for the Events Widget!


Details Settings

The Details section of the field settings menu allows you to change the name of the Events Widget field, add an optional description, resize the field, and make the field mandatory for responders to complete.


Field settings menu

Events Widget Settings

Event widget settings

The Events Widget settings are unique to this field type. Most campuses have a wide range of events to choose from! Use these setting options to narrow down the list of events that appear for your responders.

  • Limit to Future Events: This is great for RSVP forms and pre-registration forms.

  • Limit to Past Events: Ideal for event evaluation forms.

  • Limit By Status: The two status types are active or draft. Active events have been published, while drafts are still being created. We recommend leaving this option unchecked or selecting Active status events for most applications.

  • Limit By Category: Responders can only choose from events hosted by organizations in a specific category such as Residence Life or Student Organizations.

  • Limit By Organization: Only events hosted by a specific organization can be selected. For example if you're doing an evaluation form for events hosted by the Campus Activities Board, only the events they hosted will appear in the list of options.

  • *Limit By Access: Responders will only see events hosted by organizations they have administrative access to.

  • Allow Multiple Choice: Allows responders to choose more than one event from the available list.


    *This option will only be available if "login required" is enabled on your form.

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