Duplicating Forms

Save time by copying an existing form and updating it, rather than starting from scratch!


To duplicate a form, first navigate to your forms tab. Then find the form you’d like to duplicate. Keep in mind that you will only be able to duplicate forms that you have “Edit” or higher access to. If you only have “View” access to a form, you will not be able to duplicate it. You are also not able to duplicate Involve created forms, such as the Event Registration, Organization Registration, and Finance forms.


Once you’ve found the form you wish to duplicate, click the three stacked dots to the right of the form name. Right below “Edit” will be “Duplicate.”


Click that to duplicate your form. Once you duplicate a form, you will be listed as the creator of the duplicated form. It will appear as the original form’s name + copy until the form name is edited.


For example, I am duplicating the Campus Elections 2022 form so I can update it for 2023. When I click “Duplicate Form,” the new form will open and appear as “Campus Elections 2022 (Copy).”


When you duplicate a form, everything from the original form will be copied over, including all of the fields, form settings, conditional logic, and approval workflows. Keep in mind that you may need to change some of these settings for your new form.


Once you have edited your new form version, make sure to click “Save” in the top right corner. Please note that your duplicated form will not be activated until you click save. This means that if you leave the page before saving, your new form will not exist, and we have no way to recover it. Once you have edited and saved your form, it will appear on your forms list like usual, and you will be able to edit it like any other form!


We hope this feature makes form building faster and easier for everyone on your campus!

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