Form Building: How To Create A Form

The Forms feature allows you to create a wide variety of forms from election ballots to student surveys! You can use Forms to streamline your application processes, create pre-registration forms for your events, and so much more!



Here's how to get started! There are lots of field types and settings to choose from. Additional resources will be linked below that cover our most commonly used fields and settings! We have video resources available on our most commonly used fields such as Text Fields, Choice Fields, and Number Fields.


Field Settings

Most fields have a variety of settings that can be applied. The video below will demonstrate how to access the settings for a field:


Additional Resources

Learn more about the different types of fields and settings available for your forms! Click the links below for additional resources on these topics:

Form Building: Text Fields

Form Building: Choice Fields

Form Building: Number Fields

A Complete Guide To Form Settings

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