What Are Form Categories?

Similar to containers in your kitchen, form categories can help users easily find the forms they need to receive approval and remain compliant for record retention purposes.  High-demand forms can be completed, monitored and you can quickly evaluate priorities for any new forms you need to build. Power users also archive records based on these groupings.



Form categories can be anything from Student Organizations, Travel, Events, Finance/Budget, Greek, Elections, Service/Volunteerism, Room Reservations, Residential Education and many more. 


As you get started, the Success Team recommends that you take a moment to consider how you currently group forms and how you will assess their use. Popular choices for our partners are by department, requirement or by process.

While there are many successful strategies that can be customized for your campus, Partners who create categories by process seem to best achieve a successful structure that benefits both students and the colleagues who may need to archive the approval forms for compliance. 



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