Form Building: Conditional Logic

The Conditional logic option allows you create rules to dynamically display or hide fields or field groups depending on a response, user access or organization membership


To access conditionals, click on the pencil tool and under the Field settings option click “Conditional” which will open up the “Conditional Logic” side bar menu


In the Conditional Logic menu the options will read like a sentence.


The first options will be what you would like the selected field do and will read as


Hide/Show if Any/All of the following match”


After you have selected whether you want the field to show or hide you can now specify the conditions that need to be met.


You can specify additional conditions by clicking the add button to right of the condition


Examples of Conditional options:


Text Field

  • Is

  • Is Not

  • Contains

  • Does Not Contain

  • Starts With

  • Does Not Start With

  • Ends With

  • Does Not End With

  • Is Not Empty

  • Is Empty

Date/Time Field

  • Is

  • Is Not

  • Is After

  • Is Same Or After

  • Is Same Or Before

  • Is Before

  • Is Not Empty

  • Is Empty

  • Is Today

  • Responder

Role of

  • Campus Administrator

  • Campus View

  • Category Administrator

  • Organization Administrator

Officer Type Of

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Member

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