Co-Curricular Opportunities

Complete CCO Overview

Learn how Involve can help your students learn, achieve, and prepare for the workforce through Co-Curricular Opportunities (CCO).

Design experiences and create your customized learning outcomes framework. Tie it all together using our pathway builder, helping students earn skills and achievements, then reflect on them. Automatically track progress and gamify the development of skills that are essential to the workforce using your SmartTranscript.


CCO Breakdown

Intro to CCO

Service Hours

With the Service Hour Feature you can keep track of and calculate the amount of time that students are giving back to their communities. Rest easy knowing that service learning is being tracked accurately and comprehensively, and is being automatically applied to their SmartTranscript.


There are many ways that students are able to Earn Service Hours through the platform, such as Attending Events, Completing Experiences, and Self-Reporting. With all of these options, we make tracking and verifying Service Hours easy for you and your students.


You also have the ability to Manually Grant students Service Hours. If this is the route you would like to take, you will need to talk to your Campus Administrator to make sure you have the necessary permissions. Learn more about Manually Granting Service Hours here.



Points are an excellent way to gain investment and usage of your institution's platform.

Points can be made based on institutional needs. These can be anything from involvement points, leadership points, or anything in between! Institutions can also decide how points can be redeemed.


If you are interested in setting up Points, reach out to customer support.



The Experiences feature is a great way to highlight outside-of-the-classroom opportunities. It is extremely customizable and can encompass a wide variety of programs. Everything from Awards, Internships to Orientations can be built as an Experience.



In Involve, we’ve made it easy to incorporate learning outcome frameworks you might already be using, like CAS, LEAP, DQP, or one that’s unique to your institution. To begin transferring these frameworks into Involve, start by figuring out what the overall competencies are that you want students to work towards. Then, decide what skills they require to earn those competencies. Once you have established your Competencies and Skills, you can use Levels to add depth. In the image below, you can see how there is a general Competency (Cognitive Complexity) that is made up of specific Skills.



Pathways allow users to automatically gain co-curricular opportunities by participating in events and organizations. Use pathways to seamless grant skills and take admin work off of your plate!


With the SmartTranscript, students are able to show a professional, school-branded web page or PDF with a succinct summary of their accomplishments throughout their school journey. 

Next Steps for CCO

Ready to Co-Curricular Opportunities for your program? Reach out to support for more information!

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