Event Check-In Training

Tracking event attendance is a great way to collect data about your events and the people who are attending them! In this training, we'll take a look at the different ways attendees can be checked in to your campus events!

Event PIN

Each event has a unique 4-digit PIN. This PIN is used in our app to quickly identify which event you are collecting attendance for! Let's learn more about PINs and where to find them!


Mobile App

The Involve mobile app is a one-stop shop for checking in to events. Anyone with the app can check attendees in using the 4 digit PIN. Watch the video below to learn about the app and check in methods.

Is your campus using a swiper? Find the training here.

Web-Based Check In

Attendees for any event can also be checked in directly through the Involve website! By navigating to the event page on the admin dashboard, administrators can process check-ins using a swiper, scanner, or through manual entry.


If you need to add attendees to an event in bulk, you can do so with the Bulk Add option. Using the Involve website and ID numbers, administrators can add a list of attendees all at one time! Bulk adding attendees is an available option both during an event and after an event is over. Please note that once an event has concluded, only ID numbers can be used to add in attendees.


Zoom and Microsoft Teams Integrations

With the Zoom and MS Teams integrations, you can save even more time by automating attendee check in for virtual events! Talk to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team in chat about setting up these integrations. You can choose to integrate just one program or both depending on your campus needs!


Using Waivers or Polls during Event Check-In

Event check-in via the app or on the Involve website also features options to ask short polls of event attendees or to collect electronic signatures on waivers as folx are checking in for the event.


Managing Event Attendees

After you have collected event attendee information, you can email all attendees of the event, export the attendees list as a CSV file, and add or invite attendees as members of an organization, depending upon your permissions!



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