Involve Overview Training

Introduction to the Student Portal

Welcome to Overview Training! We are so excited to provide resources to you to help you manage your organizations, events, and forms! This training provides a plethora of videos that will help you get started and feel comfortable navigating and using Involve. Once you have completed these videos, feel free to check out our support articles which provide more in-depth information. For your convenience, we've linked relevant guides throughout the training. 


Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Campus Administrator or use the chat feature in Involve for help!


First, let's take a quick tour of the Student Portal!


There's so much that you can find on the Student Portal including announcements, campus resources, and links to download your campus' app! Campus Administrators can also highlight featured organizations, forms, experiences, and more! (More on that later!)


Profiles On The Student Portal

Each person in Involve has a profile page that contains information about their involvement, memberships, experiences, and skills! The Profile page houses the Forms Response Inbox where you can find all your form submissions in one convenient place and the option to interact with and share your SmartTranscript with others!



Organizations are groups that have completed the Organization Registration form on Involve. Organizations can be anything from student clubs to departments and more! The organization registration process is configured by your institution, so the details of the process will vary. 


Here's some of the information that can be found when looking at an organization's Involve page!


Events On The Student Portal

You can locate events that are happening on campus! Here's what you can find on the Events page of the Student Portal.


Let's take a look at what a single event looks like and the information you can find.


Forms On The Student Portal

Another major area of the Student Portal is the Forms page. Here's how you can find forms that have been shared campuswide!


Co-Curricular Features On The Student Portal

Students can easily find out more information about co-curricular opportunities on your campus, just by clicking on Opportunities at the top of the Student Portal! The Opportunities option will appear after your campus has created any of the options below including Experiences, Skills, Points, or Service Hours! Click on each video below for an overview of each type of opportunity!








Service Hours


Administrator Dashboard Overview

Logging In, Logging Out, And Navigating To The Admin Dashboard

If you have administrative access, you will be able to view the Administrative Dashboard. Let's start by learning how to log in and how to navigate to the admin side of Involve.



Introduction To The Admin Dashboard

Now that you're logged in, let's take a quick tour of the Admin Dashboard to learn what you can create! Keep in mind that the options that appear on your Admin Dashboard will depend on your level of access.


The Student Portal contains a wealth of information that can be shared with your community! Here's how you can edit the information on this page! If you do not see the options outlined below, please reach out to a Campus Administrator for assistance.

Note: Only those with Campus Administrator access will be able to make changes to the Student Portal.



Viewing Profiles On The Admin Dashboard

Users with the "View Person Profile" right will be able to view the profiles of others in the system. The people you can view will depend on your level of access. Users with the appropriate access can view a person's profile including their timeline of involvement, memberships, form response history, and access.


Forms On The Admin Dashboard

Forms are a vital part of Involve! We have lots of support articles to help guide you through everything - from building a form, to managing the responses you receive, to a form you created! Check out the entire catalog of Forms related support articles for more details!



The Events page on the Admin Dashboard displays information about past and upcoming events on campus. By default, this page will display 60 days of event activity (30 days prior through 30 days in the future). Like other smart tables, the information on this page can be sorted, filtered, and exported. This page is also where you can find PIN numbers for event check-in!


Creating and utilizing tags is a great way to publicize and analyze events. By creating and using tags, you are able to assign attributes to events. Tags can be a great way to let students know if things such as food or music will be at events. You can also use tags to for overarching events such as Homecoming, Greek Week, or Week of Welcome!


Introduction To Polls & Waivers

Polls are a quick and easy way to collect additional data from students! A poll is a multiple-choice or Yes/No question and includes options for where the question will be asked during event check-in. A waiver is an electronic document that is created in Involve that can be used to ensure organizations, departments, offices, etc. are not held liable in the event an accident, injury, etc. occurs. Learn more in the video below.


Involve feeds real-time analytics data from events immediately after check-ins occur and seamlessly integrates them into an easily understood format using charts and graphs.


Organizations On The Admin Dashboard

Introduction To Organizations

Additional information on organizations can be found on the admin side of the system. Here is a quick tour!



SmartTables are available in several areas of Involve including Events, Organizations, and Finance pages. These tables allow you to sort and filter data as well as export that information as a CSV file.


Introduction To The People Page


The People page is where administrators with the "View Person Profile" right can view a list of active people in Involve. The content that appears on this page will be determined by the level of access the viewer has. For example, Organization Administrators with the "View Person Profile" right will be able to see people in their organization while Campus Administrators can see all users.


User Roles And Permissions

Administrators with the "Create User" right are able to add, remove, and edit admin access for other users they have access to in the system. Access roles and rights are what allow people to access the admin side of the system. Check out our guide to user roles and access for even more information!


Student Imports

Campus Administrators can view a list of the most recent data files that have been uploaded to your Involve campus! The data file is the list of active users that appear on your People page. Here's how to check to see the status of your latest import.


Introduction To Finance

Let's take a look at our Finance tool! Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to configure a Finance process that will work for your institution! If you are interested in using the Finance tool, please contact your Customer Success Manager or primary Campus Administrator!


Support Options

Live chat support is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm EST. Holidays may affect these hours. To access the chat feature, click the "Help" icon from your administrative dashboard.

1. Click the blue "Help" icon the bottom right of your administrator dashboard.


2. Type your question or topic into the search bar and enter or return on your keyboard.


3. You will see a few suggested articles. Check to see if these are able to answer your questions!

4. Still need help? Click "Live chat."


5. Enter your name, email and question then click "Start chat." You will chat with one of our amazing team members to resolve your question. 


Our team has an average response time of 3-5 minutes, so you should expect to receive a quick response. If a team member is not available, you will be prompted to submit a ticket and will hear back from us as soon as possible.





Welcome to our new and improved Involve Support Portal!  Following the migration to our new support system, the "SUPPORT" link in the lower left corner of your Involve Admin Dashboard will now point you to this new support portal. In the lower right corner you will see our new chat widget which will also present recommended articles from our new support portal when interacting with our Support team. 


This updated resource features a range of articles designed to provide valuable information to our users:

  • General Public Articles: A selection of articles will be available to everyone without the need to log in, making it easier for you to find answers to common questions and provide training resources to your non-administrative users.

  • Administrative User Articles: Certain articles intended for administrative users will be accessible after logging in.



Easy Access and Instructions:

Logging in for the first time is as simple as clicking 'SIGN IN' in the upper right corner of any page of the knowledge base...including the page you're on right now:



If you've interacted with our support team in the past, you can click the 'Get a password' link and enter your institutional email address. You will receive an email with instructions on setting up your password.


For those who are new to Involve Support, just click the 'Sign Up' button. Additional instructions will be emailed to you, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.



Support Ticket Submissions:

In addition to our chat support, you will now have the option to submit support tickets. This will provide you with an additional channel for reaching our support team and help streamline the assistance you receive. Tickets can be submitted through the Involve Support portal through the 'SUBMIT A REQUEST' button at the top of the page. Additionally, when support agents are not available for chat, the chat widget will automatically update to prompt you to submit a ticket. Ensuring you always have a path to Support.



After your ticket has been submitted you will receive responses to your ticket via email as well as ticket updates being available to view directly in the ticket view area of this knowledgebase.


Viewing Your Tickets in the Involve Support portal:

Now that we've transitioned to this new Involve Support portal you will have access to a repository where you can view tickets and chats you’ve engaged in. (Please note this will not include historical chats that were closed prior to the transition. Any chats still open at the time of the transition will be migrated over as tickets but may take several days to view in the portal. Any ongoing conversations will be communicated via email only until these chats have fully migrated into the portal.)


This feature will make it easier for you to track your previous interactions with our support team and access relevant information about open tickets. You can access this resource after logging in by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the new support portal and selecting ‘My activities’.



Community Forums:

Our updated knowledgebase also incorporates a community forums section. Here, you can engage with other users, share insights, and discuss topics related to our products or services. It's a great place to connect with the community and gain valuable insights.


We believe these changes will enhance your support experience and make it more convenient for you to find the information you need. We understand that change can be challenging, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to provide you with the best possible support.


If you have any questions or encounter any issues during this transition, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at Our team is here to assist you in any way we can.


Thank you for your continued support and trust in our services. We look forward to providing you with an enhanced support experience in the near future.




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