Enable and Setup Transitioning

Organization Transitioning will require organization officers to edit and update their organization details, along with selecting new officers and confirming rosters. During the transition process, officers can mark old members as "former", update any position changes to current members, and add in any new folks that joined. 


In order to enable Transitioning for your Organizations, you will need specific access that allows you to Manage Transitions. If you do not have the options outlined in the instructions below, please connect to your Presence Campus Administrator. If you are the primary Campus Administrator for your institution, please contact support.



Once organizations are placed in transition, they will need to complete the process. Transitions cannot be "turned off" once initiated.

If this is the first time Organization Transitions have been employed at your institution, we recommend working with your Customer Success Manager prior to beginning. Your Expert will be happy to provide overview training on the Transition process and work with you to craft a process that will work best for your institution.


Here's how to turn on Organization Transitions! From the left navigation menu, click on Organizations: 


Left navigation menu options

Next, click on the Manage tab at the top of the screen: 


The manage tab on the organization page

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the Transitioning section.

Scroll to transition.gif

Here, you'll click on the Enable & Setup Transitioning link to begin:


Link to "enable and set up transitioning" located in the Transitioning section of the manage page

The first step in setting up transitioning is to select the organizations you wish to transition. You can use the Category and/or Status filters to limit the organizations selected for transition. For example, you can omit administrative offices or departments from the transitioning process if you wish.  


Sort organizations by category using filter buttons

Another way to select the list of transitioning organizations is to use the blue checkmark button next to the Status button.  Click on the checkmark to select or de-select individual organizations for transition:


Specific organizations selected from a list

Once you have selected the organizations, click "Next Step." This will bring you to the next page of transitioning setup.

Click on the "Transition Deadline" drop down to choose the transition deadline for the organizations that were selected. Be sure to allow ample time for organizations to complete the transition. Organizations that do not complete the process by the deadline will be marked "Past Due". (Being past due does not deactivate an organization.)


Transition Deadline field on the transition setup page

Below the transition deadline, you can create a message that will be emailed to all organization officers and advisors. This is a great place to include important information that is important to the transition process at your institution! The message field supports rich text and can include links, images, and videos. Once completed, click on "Next Step."


Ensure all information on the Preview page is correct. If any changes need to be made you can click "edit" and make any desired changes. If everything is correct, click "Enable Transition For All":


Preview screen of the transition setup page

An email notification will be sent to the officers and advisors of the organizations selected asking them to complete the transition process. Here's an example of what that email looks like. If you included a custom message as part of your process, that message will appear in the body of the email:


Preview of the transition request email received by all organization officers and advisors


While an organization is in transition, they cannot make changes to their roster; those changes must be made by completing the transitioning process.


After an organization submits their updates, those submissions will follow the approval workflow that is in place on the Organization Registration form. (Transitioning simply updates the information on the Organization Registration form, it is not a separate form.) Once the Transition update has been approved, the organization status will change from "In Transition" to "Active".  Any organization that does not complete the transitioning process by the deadline will be added to the "Organization Requirement Failures" list visible to Campus Admins at the bottom of the admin dashboard. Organization admins will also see a banner notification when viewing the admin side of their organization page:


A banner notification alerting org admins that their organization is in transition
Organization requirement failures list

If you'd like to learn how to transition an organization or for sharable instructions, click here!

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