Overview of the Organization Details Tab


The Details tab on any organization page shows an overview of important information related to that organization. To access the Details tab, click on Organizations from the left navigation menu: 


Left navigation menu options

Click on the name of your organization. This will bring you to the Details tab for your organization. 


Organization Details Tab

The Details tab provides information on Meeting Time and Location. The description of the organization as well as the cover image are also displayed on the lower half of this page. If the organization is failing to meet the requirements to stay active or if they need to update their information using the Transition process, colorful banner alerts will display at the top of this page!


Need to edit your organization's information? You can do it from the Details tab! Simply click the pencil icon in the top right corner! We also have a nifty "Time Turner" feature that allows organization admins to see the revision history of the organization!


Simply hover your mouse over the pencil icon and an option will appear to view the revision history:


Revision History menu


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