Overview of The Organization Roster Tab

View organization members, officers, advisors and pending invites.


To access an organization's roster, click on Organizations from the left navigation menu: 

Left navigation menu options

Click on the name of the organization you need to access. At the top of the organization page, select the Roster tab. This tab is where organization members can be added or removed. Organization administrators can also change the role assigned to organization members! Let's take a deeper dive into all the information on this tab!

Organization page roster tab

Join Requests Awaiting Approval

Depending on the join settings on your organization, you may see a section called "Awaiting Approval". This section lists any folks who have requested to join your organization. If someone has requested to join your organization, the pending request will be listed at the top. If there are no pending join requests, this section will not appear on your Roster tab.


Join requests that are awaiting admin approval.

Officers, Members and Advisors

Organization officers are listed at the top for quick and easy reference. Here, you can find the name, position, email address, start date for that role, and the number of organization hosted events the officer has attended. 


The Advisor section lists - you guessed it - organization advisors! Information in this section includes the name, email address and date of appointment as an advisor. Need to add an advisor? Simply click on the "Invite Advisor" button!


The Members section lists all member of your organization to include both officers and general members. New members can be added by clicking the "Invite Members" button! (Depending on your access, the button can alternatively say "Add Members".)


Roster tab showing Officer, Advisor, and Member sections

Pending Invites

The final section on the Roster Tab is for Pending Invites. This section will list any member that has been invited to join the organization, but has not yet accepted the invite. If there are no pending invitations, this section will not appear on the Roster Tab.


Pending members have received an email requesting that they accept the invitation to join the organization. Organization admins can revoke or resend the membership invitation at any time by clicking on the three stacked dots next to the pending member's name and selecting "Revoke Invitation" or "Resend Invitation".


Revoke or resend a pending invitation


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