Overview of The Organization Events Tab


The Events Tab on each organization page is a great way to access a list of events hosted by a specific organization! In order to access an organization's Events Tab, users must have admin access to the organization. To check out the organization's Events tab, click on Organizations from the left navigation menu: 


Left navigation menu options

Click on the name of the organization. At the top of the organization page, select the Events tab. This is a great place to see all of the organization's events, past and future, in one convenient location! 


The events tab of an organization page

Each event listed has a quick menu allowing organization admins to easily access attendee information and make quick edits! Click the title of the event to view the event on the Student Portal. Events can even be duplicated right from this page by clicking on the three stacked dots and selecting "Duplicate Event":

Past events section of the Events tab with menu options.

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