Introduction to Finance


We have created a dynamic tool which will allow students and campus partners to easily manage their own budgets, processes, and procedures in one streamlined space. Finance can be used to manage budgets from single organizations to entire divisions, all in one location. 


What is the Finance Tool?


Overview of the Finance Tool


Overview of the budgets page

Finance allows you to organize your budget and budget structure as well as simplify and maintain current processes and procedures. We do this by providing you the ability to: 

  • Infinitely nest your budgets to see exactly where any dollar is at any time and exactly how it got there.

  • Use the power of Forms to allocate, approve, and track spending by using conditional logic to inform restrictions and information.

  • Automate the creation of budgets when new organizations are approved.

  • Sync and manage access across user permissions.

With Finance, you will be able to: 

For more information on each of these processes, please click on them to be directed to each article to learn more!

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