Finance: Personalizing the Allocation Process

Managing Allocation Requests

If you have Edit Finance access to the “Create Allocation” form you’ll be able to make changes to the form itself. To access the Create Allocation form, click on the Forms tab from the left navigation menu and then click on the Create Allocation. The pencil icon in the upper right corner will bring you to the editing screen for this form.


The Create Allocation form, by default, is separated into two field groups. The first field group is a Details section. 


Details section of the create allocation form.

The second field group is the Request section. This field group is a special type of field group that is repeatable. 



Repeatable field groups will have an "Add" button that is visible to the person completing the form. When the Add button is clicked, the form will generate an identical copy of all the questions in the repeatable section of the field group. This allows the responder to complete the designated questions as many times as they need to!


The Add Button generates another set of the same questions for responders to complete

Once the form is edited to your campus' needs, click save in the top right corner of the form page to save all edits made. 

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