Finance: Submitting An Expenditure Request

The Expenditure Request form is completed when you are ready to spend your money. By completing this form, you are requesting to make a purchase for your department or organization.


Please note that you need specific access in order to access the Finance tools. If the Finance page is not an option on your navigation menu, please contact your Campus Administrator to request access.


To complete an Expenditure Request form, hover over the left navigation menu and select Finance. In the top right corner of the Finance page, you will find the “Create” button. This quick button allows for fast access to the forms you need! In this example, you will click on “Create” and select “Expenditure”.


The create button allows you to quickly create an expenditure request.

You can also complete an Expenditure request from your organization's budget page by clicking the “Create Transaction” button in the upper right corner:


Create a transaction from your organization's budget page!

Each campus is able to configure the Expenditure Request form to meet the needs of their campus, so your campus' form may look different from the screenshots provided in this guide. All fields with a red asterisk are mandatory and must be completed before submitting the form.


Let’s review the Expenditure Items section of the form! 


Expenditure Items section of the expenditure request form.

Title: The title is the name of the event/organization or title name of the purchase. 

Memo: The memo can contain a more detailed account or description of the purchase. 

Budget: The budget area allows you to select which budget the money should be spent from. 

Attachment: The attachment area allows you to upload a list of items to be purchased. 

Amount: The amount field is where you place the total amount of money to be spent. 


The last section of the form is the vendor information field. 


Vendor information section

Here you can list exactly where the money will be spent and give a detailed description of the vendor. If there will be multiple vendors, you can click the Add button at the top of the expenditures section to list multiple locations with different purchases per vendor. 


Once the form is completed, click the “Submit for Approval” button in the top right corner of the screen. 

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