Finance: Transfer Money Between Budgets


A Transfer moves a sum of money from one account to another account. To create a new Transfer, click on Finance from the left navigation menu, then click on the “Create” button in the upper right corner.


The create button allows you to quickly create a new budget.

Select Transfer from the dropdown list and a pop-up window will appear. First, enter the amount you wish to transfer. Next, choose the budget the money will be coming from and the budget the money is going to. Once the information is filled out, press the “Transfer” button in the bottom right corner of the window. 


A confirmation box will appear asking you to confirm that the information is correct. If it is, select “Confirm” and the money will be transferred from one account to another.


Best Practices: Transfers can only be completed between sub-accounts or between related top level and sub-level accounts. If you need to transfer money from one top-level account to a sub-level account found under a different top-level account, you will need to transfer money from top-level account to top-level account and then down to the sub-level account. This scenario would result in two separate transactions.

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