Finance: Budget Details


Budgets can be viewed in multiple ways. The single budget view allows you to see a specific budget you have access to and manage it from the same page! This view is also a way to see the sub-budgets, ledger, and latest requests and transactions of an individual budget. 


Single view of an organization's budget page

Edit Budget and Create Transactions

Just like the Budgets page, you have the ability to create transactions by clicking the “Create Transactions” button and selecting the type you would like to create. Those with editing access can also edit the budget by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the page.


Create transactions and edit the budget from the single view page

Budget Dashboard

On the single budget view, Finance admins can see a mini dashboard which displays the total allocated funds for that budget, the account ID, and the number of requests that have been submitted for that organization. The green Budget Flow bar shows the lifecycle of funds for that specific organization, from available funds through money spent. Hovering over the Available section will show the breakdown of what’s available in that specific budget and its sub-budgets.   


Quick data and budget flow bar on a single budget page.


Single View Budget Page

Single budget view includes sub-budgets and latest transactions.

The Details section is configurable and shows a description of the budget.


The Budgets section is the ledger. This section lists any sub-budgets as well as the available and allocated amounts in each, as well as the account ID. You can also create additional sub-budgets in this section by clicking the “Create Budget” button.


Create sub budgets and view nested budgets in the Budgets section.

On the right side of the page are dedicated sections showing the budget's Latest Requests and Latest Transactions. Here, users can view the title, amount, and date of the transaction. Each link is clickable and allows the user to view the related form submission for that transaction.


Latest Requests and Latest Transactions sections

Requests and Transactions can be filtered by either "Current Budget Only" or "Include Sub-budgets" by clicking on the “Filter” button. you can view all of the Requests and Transactions by clicking on View All at the bottom of each Side Table. The cog icon can be used to adjust the data shown in each section.


Adjust the data show in latest transactions using cog icon. Filter results as well!
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