Finance: Creating Budgets


Your Customer Success Manager will work with your campus to set up your initial Budget Structure. They will be your guide and will assist you with any initial finance-based questions as you build out the Finance tool for your campus!


Once your initial Budget Structure is developed, you can add new top-level or sub-budgets to the system. To create a new budget, click on Finance from the left navigation menu, then click on the “Create” button in the upper right corner. The options that appear in the Create button menu will depend on the finance structure in place at your institution.


The create button allows you to quickly create a new budget.

Click on Budget and the “Create Budget” form will load. At the bottom of the form you will find two specific sections that will dictate the type of Budget you are creating.


Top-Level Budget vs Sub-Budget

If you are looking to create a high level budget that numerous other budgets will fall under you will want to switch to Top-Level Budget. This Budget will show on your ledger and will not fall underneath any other budget. To create a Top-Level Budget, simply click the "Top-Level Budget" option under the Parent Budget field.


Top level budget option in the Parent Budget field.

Sub-Budgets are budgets that are nested under a Top-Level Budget. If you are looking to create a budget under a budget that already exists, you can choose the Parent Budget for your new sub-budget. You can only choose from parent budgets that you have access to!


Remember, you can infinitely nest budgets and create multiple tiers if needed. 

Choose a parent budget for your new sub budget

Budget Relation


Budgets can be associated with an event or an organization.

The Budget Relation field will allow you to associate a budget with either an organization or an event in the system. A budget can only be linked to one option: Either it is linked to an event OR it is linked to an organization.

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