Finance: Submitting A Reconciliation Request

Reconciliations occur once a purchase is completed and the money requested has been spent. The Reconciliation form can be configured to fit the needs of your campus and may contain additional fields beyond what is featured in the screenshot below.


Reconciliation form

The reconciliation section of the form allows the spender to:

  • Select what budget the money should come from

  • Indicate the exact amount of money spent

  • Define what was purchased

Upload receipts or related contracts for the purchases



Please note that you need specific access in order to access the Finance tools. If the Finance page is not an option on your navigation menu, please contact your Campus Administrator to request access.


To complete a Reconciliation Request form, hover over the left navigation menu and select Finance. In the top right corner of the Finance page, you will find the “Create” button. This quick button allows for fast access to the forms you need! In this example, you will click on “Create” and select “Reconciliation”.


The create button allows you to quickly create an expenditure request.

Once this form is completed, click “Submit for Approval” at the top of the page and the form will go through the approval process in place at your institution. Once completed, this will appear as a transaction in the Finance Tab of the administrative dashboard and the money not spent will be credited back into the account of the organization/event it was to come from for future uses. 


Reconciliations are crucial to the functioning parts of the Finance tool. Once reconciliations are completed, funds that were requested in an Expenditure request will be confirmed as spent and removed from the account. 


Budget flow bar showing money reconciled.

In the above example, $50.00 is requested to be spent through the Expenditure form that has not been reconciled. This is compared to $18.95 that was spent and reconciled from the budget. 

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