Manually Granting Service Hours

Below are two different ways to manually grant service hours to an individual. If the options outlined below are not available to you, please contact your Campus Administrator to request the necessary access to grant service hours.


Once granted, service hours are added to a person's profile page and cannot be removed. You will not be able to undo these transactions, so be sure to confirm the details prior to granting hours.


Granting Service Hours From The Service Hours Tab

From the left navigation menu, click on Service Hours: 


left navigation menu


Next, click on the Earned tab: 


Earned tab on the service hours page.


On the Earned tab, you can search for users who have earned service hours. You can also manually grant service hours to any user. 


The earned tab shows people who have already earned hours and allows admins to grant hours


To grant service hours, click on the Grant button. A new pop up window will appear. Enter the number of hours you would like to grant. On the second line, you can enter one or multiple email addresses or ID numbers. This is a great way to efficiently add service hours to multiple profiles at once: 


Granting service hours to students


When you are done adding users to the second field, click the green Grant button to award service hours to the users entered! A blue banner will appear at the bottom of the window confirming the additions and alerting you to any individuals who were not found:

A banner will confirm the transaction.


Error When Granting Service Hours

When manually granting service hours, you may receive a message stating that certain users could not be found. Be sure to double check the email or the ID number entered. This information needs to match the information on the student's Involve profile. Once the information is confirmed, follow the steps above to try again. Here's an example of the message that appears for unsuccessful additions:


Example of a failed attempt at granting service hours.



Granting Service Hours From A User Profile

Alternatively, you can also grant service hours (and more) directly from a person's profile page. Click on People from the left navigation menu. Use the search bar to locate the profile you need and click on the person's name to open their profile:


View of the People page


Once on the individual's profile page, click the Add Opportunity button on the right side of the screen:


Profile page with Add Opportunity button


A pop-up window will appear allowing you to grant a variety of opportunities to a person's profile. (The options available in this screen will depend on the features that are active on your campus.) Select "service hours" from the Opportunity Type options, then enter the number of hours you wish to grant:


Add Opportunity window


Finally, click Add. An entry will be generated at the top of the person's timeline showing the service hours you granted:


Timeline entry showing the opportunity granted.





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