Service Hours Page

The Service Hours page is a central location for a campus-wide view of Service Hours available and hours earned. Campus Administrators with access to the Service Hours feature can view all the upcoming Opportunities available for earning hours as well as a list of users who have already earned service hours. You can also now manually grant hours to multiple users.

The top of this page features three quick data boxes: 

  • Total Hours Earned - a sum of all service hours earned by active users. 

  • People Earned - the number of active users who have earned service hours.

  • Hours Available - the sum of experiences and events that award service hours upon earning/attending

There are two tabs on the Service Hours Page: Opportunities and Earned. By default the page loads the Opportunities Tab.

  • Opportunities Tab - This tab lists upcoming Experiences and Events that award Service Hours. The table will show Title, Opportunity Type, and Service Hours. The title of each Opportunity links to the admin single view for that Opportunity. 

  • Earned Tab - Here, one can view a list of people who have earned Service Hours. This page will also allow you to Grant hours by clicking on "Grant." 

Below the header is a table that lists those users . The table will show name, e-mail, and amount of hours earned. Each name is a clickable link that will allow the user's profile to be accessed easily. 

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