Earning Service Hours

Earning Service Hours
With the newest Service Hours feature, students have multiple options to earn service hours. Students can attend Events or Experiences that have service hours assigned to them or they can even submit their own requests to earn hours! To learn more about service hours, check out the how-to article below!

Events with Service Hours
On the Student Portal you'll be able to search for events that have Service Hours assigned to them by clicking "Events" on the top right-hand corner then from the events page selecting "Service Hours" from the "Earn" filter. Once checked into that event, students will earn the hours and the hours will appear on their Timeline.

Experiences with Service Hours
From the Student Portal, students will also be able to filter Experiences they can participate in that will earn them Service Hours. 

You can do this by:

  1. Click the Opportunities dropdown menu on the top right-hand corner then Click on "Experiences"

2. From the Experiences page select "Service Hours" from the "Earn" filter

Once a student earns that experience they are granted the corresponding service hours and the hours will be reflected on their Timeline.

Applying for Service Hours

From their profiles, students will be able to apply for Service Hours they have earned using the Apply for Opportunity form. This is a form that lets you customize the questions that appear and the workflow surrounding it.

To apply for Service Hours:

 1. From the Student Portal click on the person icon on the upper right hand corner and select Profile

2. From the Profile select the "Apply for Opportunity" button at the top of the timeline. Clicking that button will take you to the Apply for Opportunity form.

3. From the Apply for Opportunity in the "Opportunity Type" field select "Service Hours"

4. Enter the number of Service Hours

5. The rest of the form will populate based on your customized fields!

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