Analytics Overview

Presence feeds real time analytics from events immediately after check-ins occur, and seamlessly integrates them into an easily understood format using charts and graphs.


To access the Analytics page, hover your mouse over the lefthand navigation bar and select "Analytics".


From there, the Analytics page will open and populate the last 30 days of events with attendance. If you would like to see event within a certain time frame you can click on the “Dates” tab in the upper right hand corner and select your preferred date range.


The Analytics filters are divided into two parts:

  • First row is information created by the system: Organizations, Categories, Events, Tags, Membership, Loyalty, Locations

  • Second row is information created by demographics - the demographics are based upon information that we received from your institution.

Note: The filters on the analytics page do not stack. For example, if you select a specific organization and a specific location, the analytics page will show you all engagement data for that organization AND all events hosted at the selected location by any organization.


Below are the summary boxes that will give you an overview of the attendance data that is being analyzed


quick data at the top of the analytics page

Note: The Analytics page will automatically load the last 30 days of events. Use the Date filter in the upper right corner of the Analytics page to adjust the time frame you want to analyze.

  • Attendance - gives you a visual representation of event attendance over time and compares it to other months. The attendance graph also allows you to aggregate the events along with compare the attendance by Day, Week and Month

  • Loyalty - Shows how many of the students that were checked who have attended an event before

  • Membership - How many of those students are/are not current organization members

  • Categories - Shows the percentage of each Category’s attendance or you can click on the “Events” button in the upper right hand corner. Here you can see how many of those events were hosted by that category

  • Tags - Aggregates events with tags and organizes them onto a graph, the horizontal axis shows how many events have used that tag; the vertical axis shows how many organizations have used that tag. The size of the blue dot on the chart reflects the total attendees that tag has had

  • Top Locations - Aggregates the attendees of all the events and shows the top locations with the most attendees. You can also click the “Events” button in the upper right hand corner to see the location that hosts the most events!

  • Top Organizations - Aggregates the attendees and shows the top organizations with the most attendance. Within the same chart you can click the “Events” button on the upper right hand corner to see the organizations that host the most events

  • Top Events - Highlights events that had the most attendance

  • Demographics - Gives a breakdown of the student population based on attended event(s) using the custom demographics

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