Administrator's Guide to the SmartTranscript

The SmartTranscript is a comprehensive, sharable record of a student’s involvement, and will include organizations they belong to, officer roles they have held, skills they have earned, experiences they have achieved, and more!


To download a student’s SmartTranscript, you must be a user with the "Download Smart Transcript" right. If you don’t have this access claim, you will need to connect with your main campus administrator to request it!


Downloading a Student's SmartTranscript

To download a student’s SmartTranscript, first, navigate to the people page using the left side menu.

Once you’re on the people page, use the search bar at the top to find specific students. Then, click the three stacked dots to the far right of their name.


A short menu should appear from the three stacked dots. At the bottom of this menu is the option to “Download Smart Transcript.”


Once you click “Download Smart Transcript” a PDF copy of that student’s profile will download. Here’s an example of an involved Student’s PDF:


Example Page One

Example Page Two

The SmartTranscript is dynamic and will be unique based on the students' involvement history.


The students can control if their SmartTranscript can be accessed online by others. If a student has enabled Sharing, then a QR code and link will appear at the bottom right corner of the PDF.


This link will allow recipients to interact online with the student’s transcript. If the student has not enabled Sharing on their profile, then this QR code and link will not appear.


Customizing your Campus' SmartTranscript

As a campus administrator with access to the SmartTranscript, you can change the color design and disclaimer message of the SmartTranscript. To do so, navigate to the editing side of the student portal.


Once you've opened the portal design menu, scroll down a little until you see the SmartTranscript section.


Here, you can edit the color of your SmartTranscript by either entering a hex color code or choosing from the color wheel.


You can also edit the disclaimer that will be included on the bottom left corner of the SmartTranscript.


Once you've made all of your desired changes, scroll down to the very bottom of the portal design menu and click "Save and Publish" in the bottom left corner!



If you are a student looking to learn how to download and share your SmartTranscript, check out our Student's Guide to the SmartTranscript here!

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