Data Upload

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We make it simple to upload your student data!

Once your data file is complete, let your Customer Success Manager know, and you’ll be provided with a secure account to Citrix ShareFile to upload your data file to Involve. This username and password works for both of the following upload methods. We can create new accounts for additional people as needed.

Your username and password will come from “Presence File Support” and will be sent by Please check your spam folder if you do not receive our invitation!

FTPS (Recommended)

FTPS allows you to automate secure data transfers to Involve. We’ll check for a new file every 15 minutes and update your student data automatically. Use the following information to connect to ShareFile.

Server:, Port 990
Username: presence/(your ShareFile username)
Password: (your ShareFile password)


  • In some cases, you may need to use the ShareFile API to connect. Unable to be supported by Involve, Sharefile also offers other upload methods. More documentation can be found at
  • The built-in FTP client in the Argos reporting tool has been found to be incompatible with Sharefile.
  • Our API Key is provided below.

Manual Upload

You can manually upload a data file to us via a web browser by going to and logging in with the username and password provided to you.

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