Changing Your Organization Cover Image

Your organization's cover image is one of the first things potential members see! Sometimes you want to change it up to reflect your new members or celebrate a successful program. Maybe you created a new logo that encapsulates the essence of your organization's values.


Maybe Brenda keeps shutting her eyes every time the flash goes off. (C'mon Brenda!)


No matter the reason, here's how you can update your organization's cover image! In order to do so, you will need to have access to edit your organization. If you do not see the options outlined below, please contact your Campus Administrator to get the access you need!


To change the cover image for an approved organization, click on Organizations from the left navigation menu.


Left navigation menu with an option for Organizations

Search for your organization and click on the three stacked dots next to your organization's name. Select "Edit":

Menu showing an option to edit an organization

The next screen is where you can edit the details of your organization. Locate the cover image field and hover your mouse over the current image. A gray "X" will appear. Click on the "X" to clear the current image:

A small grey X sits in a circle in the upper left of the image.

Uploading A Custom Image


Now, it's time to add something new! You have two options available: Upload your own image or use the search feature to choose a stock image. If you'd like to upload your own image, click into the "Choose Image" field. A pop up menu will appear allowing you to select an image that is stored on your device.


Cover image field showing the upload option

Uploaded images should be 960x365 px. If you use an image outside of those dimensions, that's okay! Just be aware that the image may appear zoomed in or out. If that happens, you may want to resize the image.


Choosing A Stock Image

Our Cover Image field comes equipped with an image search! This search feature contains a catalog of royalty free images to choose from. Click on the "Search" tab, then type in a keyword. Click the blue Search button and select the option that works best for you!


Cover image field showing an image search option

Once you've made your change, scroll to the top of the page and click the green "Submit" or "Submit For Approval" button. If changing your cover image requires Campus Admin approval, your request will be sent off for review. If your campus does not require additional review, the change will be reflected immediately.

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