Adding Social Media

You’re getting a lot of attention on your organization page, but now you want to connect your audience to your social media! You can add your social media information directly on your organization's Presence page!

To add your social media to your page, you must first edit your organization page.

You can edit your organization by clicking on Organizations from the left navigation menu:

Left navigation menu options

This will bring you to a page that will list all organizations you have access to! Next, click on the three dots next to your organization's name and select Edit.

(If you do not see Edit as an option, please contact your Campus Administrator to request the necessary access to make changes.)

Options listed under menu.

Once you've landed on the edit page, scroll through the page to locate the section for social media. Here's where you can input your Facebook ID and Twitter handle.

Adding Facebook and Twitter

The formatting is important for your Facebook ID! The Facebook ID is everything that comes after the last backslash (/) on your Facebook URL.

The Twitter handle is simply @[Your User Name], the same way someone would search for you on the Twitter platform.

Here's an example of what your social media information should look like:

Formatting for social media

It is important to follow the formatting steps for Facebook and Twitter as these two platforms provide us with integrations that make the feed style layouts possible. Your social media accounts must be public (not private). Please note that Facebook Group pages are not supported.

When you have finished adding your social media information, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the Submit for Approval button in the upper right corner.

Submit for approval button

What about social media that isn’t Facebook or Twitter? 🤔

If you are interested in incorporating Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or any of the other 100+ social media platforms, a great place to add these would be in the basic information section of your page! Sometimes these sections are labeled "Details" or "About".

Using the directions from above, edit your Organization page.

Once you've landed on the edit page, scroll through the page to locate the section with your organization details, here is where you can input your Instagram name and then hyperlink the text to your Instagram page! (When we say Instagram, we are referring to all social media platforms. The process will be the same for any social media platform you wish to add.)

See our example here. We used the hyperlink tool 🔗 to link the words @HelloPresence directly to

demo hyperlinking text to a social media page

After hyperlinking your social media information, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the Submit for Approval button to submit your changes for review.

Adding Linked Icon Images For Socials

Are you looking to jazz up your page? 🎷 Try adding social media icons!

This is a little more advanced, but the outcome is phenomenal! The image below demonstrates how you can provide clean, easy-to-click icons for all of your social media accounts, all without cluttering up your organization page!


Multiple social media icons arranged in a single line.

Here are the steps to add linked image icons using our HTML toggle feature!

Using our Rich Text to HTML toggle (looks like this </> ), change the About/Details field from the rich text editor to the HTML editor.

How to switch from rich text editor to the HTML editor.

After you've opened the HTML editor, go to the end of the line of code - your cursor should be blinking after a </p> - and use your Enter/Return key to move down to the next line.

Copy this line of code and Paste it into the editor on that new line!

<p><a href="" target=""><img src=""></a></p>

Now you need to make edits to that line of code so that it will show your desired image and direct your viewers to your social media page. Find the image URL you wish to use! Right-click on the image and select “copy image URL”. (We’ve helped you out and added some URL links for a few of the most popular icons at the bottom of this article!

Next, paste that copied URL between the "parentheses" after img src=

replacing our example URL,

Now you need to replace the example URL with your own social media URL. Find the direct URL to your social media page, copy the URL and paste it between the "parentheses" after href=

Need help? Check out our video at the bottom of this article.

Finally, switch back to the rich text editor to see how it looks!

Linked icons showing in rich text

Your image is now linked to your social media! Anytime a visitor clicks that social media icon, it will redirect them to your social media page! 🎉

When you have finished all your steps, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the Submit button in the upper right corner to save and publish your new edits! Your edits may need to be approved by a Campus Admin before they are made live.

Want to add more than one social media icon?

Simply repeat the steps starting with "copy this line of code". If you'd like the icons to appear all on the same line, just delete the </p><p> between the two lines of code!

(<p> means start a new paragraph and </p> ends a paragraph.)

Lost? This video will show you exactly what to do.

Check out this video!

Social media icon URL's











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