Form Building: Adding and Deleting Fields

Need to update a form with this year's important information? Do you have a few new questions you need to ask your responders? You can add and delete fields from your form to meet your needs!


Please note, in order to edit the content of a form, you must have Edit or higher access to a form. If you do not see the options as described below, you will need to request Edit access from the owner of the form.


Adding Additional Fields To The Form

To add new fields to your form, click on the +Fields button and drag your selections on to your form. New questions that are added to the form will appear for all responders going forward. Any response that was submitted prior to the additional field(s) being added will not show the new additions unless the responder edits their submission.



When a response is edited, the person updating the form will see the most up-to-date version of the form available. Responders can view and answer the new questions that were added to the form and resubmit their response!


Deleting Fields

Fields can be deleted from the form by hovering over the field and clicking on the X. In most cases, this will instantly remove the field from your form!


Image of a field with three icons: a pencil, a diamond, and an X

If the field you are about to delete is tied to another field or an approval stage via conditional logic, you will be prompted to confirm your choice to delete:


Image of a confirmation screen asking the user to verify they wish to delete a field.

Once removed, future responders will not be able to see this question. Past submissions that included the the deleted question will be retained and that information can be viewed on previous revisions or by exporting the form responses. Deleted fields will also appear when viewing the form response summary.

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