Form Building: Text Fields

Text Fields are one of the most popular field types used in form building! Let's begin with a quick overview of the options available for this field type:



The Text Field provides a space for your respondents to type a response to your question. There are three styles of Text Field you can choose from. After dragging a Text Field on to your form, click on Text Settings to choose from the following:


Menu options displaying the three display choices for text fields.

Single Line

The Single Line styling option is perfect for brief responses:


A single line style response.


Paragraph style Text Fields are ideal for responses that require more detail. Choose a Paragraph style Text Field to give your respondents a little extra room. This is a great formatting option for questions about learning outcomes, award nominations, and more!


A paragraph style text response.

Character Limits

Character limits can be set for both Single Line and Paragraph Text fields. Under "Text Settings", place a check mark next to "Restrict Length" and enter the total minimum and/or maximum characters you'd like:


Please note, maximums and minimums are measured in characters, not words.


Text settings menu highlighting the option to restrict the length of a response.


In addition to basic text responses, Rich-Text Fields allow your responders to include content such as YouTube videos, hyperlinks, and images in their replies! Text can also be formatted, justified, bulleted, and more!


Rich text field showing formatting options available in a toolbar.
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