Form Building: Choice Fields

Life (and form building) is all about choice. So we've given you some options when it comes to your Choice fields:


Dropdown Style

Respondents can choose from a dropdown list of options:


A dropdown menu of options.

List Options

This setting will allow respondents to see all their options displayed side-by-side. They can click on the choice they want:

Three choices listed in boxes in the same row.


The Checkbox style creates a list of options with radio buttons next to each option:


Options listed with radio buttons next to each choice.

Adding Choice Selections

With any choice field, you'll need to provide a few choices for your respondents to choose from! To do this, click on Choice Settings to expand the section. Just below the display type is an "Add" button you can use to add your choice selections!


Be sure to enter your choices in the order in which you wish them to appear. Once entered, choices can be deleted using the X next to the choice, but they cannot be reordered.


Menu displaying how to add choice options.

Multiple Choice Option

Need to allow folks to choose multiple options? No problem! All three of the choice fields can allow for multiple choice selections! Click on Choice Settings to open up the options. Then, place a check mark in the box next to "Allow Multiple Choices". If you wish to cap the number of selections your responders can make, place a check mark next to "Limit Number Of Selections" and indicate the maximum number of choices you will allow.


A menu displaying the Choice Settings for choice fields.
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