Form Building: Number Fields

When the answer you need from a responder absolutely needs to be a number, then a Number Field is just what you need! Here's a quick look at this field and its display options:



Number Fields provide a wide range of choices for collecting numeric and scaled data. Like Text Fields, there are three formatting options for Number Fields, each of which can be customized!


Menu showing number field display options.

Field Style Number Fields

Respondents will see a simple line and will only be able to input numbers. This style is great for collecting phone numbers or asking how many tacos a student will eat!


Field style number field.


Scale Style Number Fields

This style allows you to create a sliding scale for respondents to select from. You are able to set minimum and maximum values, as well as increments.


Menu showing available number settings including the option to restrict value.
Image showing an example of a number scale field.

Likert Style Number Field

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Likert Scales? Us too! This field type is ideal for obtaining feedback and indicating student preference. There are five standard options responders can choose from including "strongly agree", "agree", "neutral", "disagree", and "strongly disagree". These choices are static and cannot be altered.


For a personalized set of options for responders to choose from, a Choice Field may work better for you needs!


A Likert scale showing 5 options for responders to choose from.
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